Jacktube is an open source audio/MIDI processing program. It uses LADSPA and DSSI plugins to generate and process audio, and MIDI events to control its operation. The exact behavior is defined by using a simple scripting language to define rules. Even though Jacktube is primarily meant for audio work, it can be used in any signal processing application.

The language has some superficial similarities to Perl, but the programming language is designed to be as small and efficient as possible for its purpose, namely setting up plugin graphs and responding to MIDI events. See Documentation below for some examples.

Jacktube is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPLv3).

Maintainer: Kristian Amlie <kristian at amlie.name>


23rd Jun 2013

Jacktube 0.31 has been released! This is a bugfix release, which should improve stability, particularly when using dynamic plugin loading and plugin GUIs. See the ChangeLog for details, or go straight for the download.

17th Jan 2013

Jacktube 0.30 has been released! This is the first release in over two years, and features a brand new DSSI plugin loader, and a lot of bug fixes and syntactic sugar. There is also some new documentation and example scripts available here on the page and in the package. Check out the ChangeLog for details, or go straight for the download.

6th Dec 2010

Jacktube 0.21b has been released!